About Us

Mugshots Planet is the number one source of background safety information for people of Hong Kong and around the world who will be traveling to or working in the United States.

Ying Wong (英黄) is the creator and acts as advisor to the site. While working in the United States she was a victim of a violent crime. The perpetrator was a neighbor who had many convictions previously for violent offenses. He was not required by law to make notice to all neighbor of his criminal past. Until this changes the only way to stay safe is to inform yourself about others.

While no longer living in the United States, Ms. Wong has created a resource for people of Hong Kong, China and elsewhere to inform themselves of the dangers of that country. Already many crime have been prevented such as murder, rape and assault.

It has also developed into a valuable resource for people who need to check on the background before hiring someone to take care of children, care for elderly parents or before meeting someone from a dating website. The website has also been used by charities that want to keep the wrong people away from children and prevent fraud.


US Crime Statistic 2012

Violent Crimes: 1,214,462
Murder: 14,827
Rape: 84,376
Robbery: 354,520
Assault: 760,739
source: FBI Uniform Crime Report 2012

US Crime Statistic 2011

Violent Crimes: 1,203,564
Murder: 14,612
Rape: 83,425
Robbery: 354,396
Assault: 751,131
Weapons: 159,020
DUI: 1,412,223
source: FBI Uniform Crime Report 2011